Founded back in 1973 in Hamburg, the company is dedicated since 1998 in wages under the leadership of new owner-manager Ed Decker intensive development, production and distribution of excellent equestrian equipment. The new building complex in wages with initially 6,200 m2 provides space for administration, development, storage and shipping. 

2001: The rapidly expanding company opened an extension to one with an additional high-bay warehouse and other offices, training and show-rooms. 

2008 COACHES has chosen not only for a new company logo, but follows also in all his ways the philosophy behind it: "Fascination and claim the equestrian sport are in a harmonious communication between horse and rider is our goal, this partnership even easier, more carefree. and successful.

The continuous success of the company makes in 2012 in turn an extension of the capacities required and leads to the construction of the new warehouse III alone with 1200 m2.