Fior Da Liso

The name Schockemoehle is connected inseparably decades with great success in equestrian sports. The demand for the highest quality, comfort and a sporty design was the basis for the establishment of Schockemoehle Sports GmbH, which operates as a provider of equestrian equipment for horse and rider worldwide since 2005. The debut of Fior DA LISO in 2010 to the international horse show CHIO in Aachen followed shortly afterwards the jump in the fashion world. Meanwhile, the extraordinary collections through their individuality, an excellent fit and high quality fabrics inspire lovers all over the world. Fior DA LISO is now available in over 250 stores. Based in rural mills, the company is not to be found in the fashion capitals of the world. The environment of the horse sporting background and the team make the brand and their products into something unique.

What small and rather "passing" began, has now grown into a solid pillar in the company. From the design of the collections to marketing at point of sale - everything comes from one source. Together with their design team developed Lotte Schockemoehle FIOR DA LISO continuously, so you can be excited again and again on the new collection.