Equiline is born in the 80’s, about 25 years ago.

Mr Paolo Marchetto, the founder member of the company, used to run a textile industry supplying important fashion companies like Henry Cottons, United Colours of Benetton and many other important brands in the fashion industry. He had though a big passion…the passion for horses and for show jumping riding! By training his horses he was always very careful about their health and their comfort by jumping so he decided to develop a saddlecloth which did not exists in the market: he used all his know-how coming from the textile research to develop the first saddle pad in the world made all in natural fibers with a natural wadding (ACS2 System) which assures the highest transpiration and the best shock-absorbing effect. Nowadays the Equiline saddle cloth is still the number one in the world!

He used then all his knowledge of the fashion industry to develop a range of technical clothing for the rider. Thanks to his ability of running the company and of investing on research, design, marketing and communication, Mr Marchetto has created a team which in the last 5 years has transformed Equiline in one of the leading companies in the equestrian world offering a wide range of products for the rider and for the horse granting high quality standards and high-level technical performance.

Specialized in technical clothing for show jumping competitions, in the last 5 years Equiline has also developed a wide range of sportswear and leisurewear and is now developing the dressage competition tail jacket in order to offer a complete range of high quality products satisfying all the equestrian disciplines.