For more than 165 years, the name "kieffer" for Bavarian craftsmanship. 

Founded in 1848 in Munich, the company developed very quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of equestrian saddles, horse carriages and harnesses. After a turbulent history has established itself internationally kieffer today as German premium manufacturer of saddles. 

The accumulated experience and technical know-how from the more than 165-year history can be found in the innovative quality products kieffer. The product range includes high quality English dressage, jumping and eventing saddles to saddle accessories, snaffle and double bridles to clothing and accessories. kieffer products are sold through a global distribution network on all continents, in collaboration with more than 1,500 specialist dealers. 

Since the Second World War the company's headquarters in Munich Daglfing center for top quality saddle production in southern Germany. Starting with the leather quality control over the cutting and further processing of the material, through to professional installation of each saddle components is kieffer everything by hand.