Montar delivers quality equipment and clothing for active tab 

Quality, innovation, adaptability, openness and customer service. 

These are big words, but with us each individual is very important. 

In Montar we deal thus to combine good quality, functionality, fashionable design and price. This means that we manufacture equipment and clothing for quality-conscious riders who refuse to compromise. 

We follow the latest trends in the fashion world and constantly renewing our collection. Therefore, our products are always timely and fashionable. At the same time we're aware of the requirements of the active tab on their equipment. Therefore, we focus on both design and functionality and security. 

Montar collaborates with a number of selected suppliers that manufacture our products based on various stringent quality standards. However, this has no influence on the price, because we believe in Montar that price and quality do not always related. Therefore, you can expect more in Montar for your money. 

Our products are sold exclusively in specialty stores....