Since 1972, the official supplier of German Olympic Equestrian Committee eV (DOKR)


What started out in 1836 as a small saddlery in Cologne has turned into a world-wide operating wholesale company 175 years later. Latest logistics ensure that more than 12,000 products for horse and rider, which are stored in the company’s high rise racks on more than 7,000 m2, are ready to be shipped all over the world within 24 hours. At the same time Waldhausen does still operate its own saddlery at the headquarter’s, where the in-house saddler does repairs and custom products.

Of course there have been set-backs in the company’s history. After World War I inflation had to be fought, as well as the company’s philosophy and portfolio had to adapt to the increase in motorization. Other difficult tasks Waldhausen mastered were the destruction of the production plant and headquarter in 1944 and a fatal fire in 1950.

Waldhausens portfolio includes the most innovative equestrian brands, thus Waldhausen is able to offer riders of all levels and all disciplines .everything they may need for themselves or for their horse.